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The recommended starting dose of generic for actos is 15 to 30 milligrams once a day.

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Clinical studis dmonstat that ACTOS impovs insulin snsitivity in insulin-sistant patints. ACTOS nhancs cllula sponsivnss tinsulin, incass insulin-dpndnt glucos disposal and impovs hpatic snsitivity tinsulin. In patints with typ 2 diabts, th dcasd insulin sistanc poducd by ACTOS sults in low plasma glucos concntations, low plasma insulin concntations, and low HbA1c valus. In contolld clinical tials, ACTOS had an additiv ct on glycmic contol whn usd in combination with a sulonylua, mtomin, insulin [s Clinical Studis ].

ACTOS is a thiazolidindion that dpnds on th psnc insulin its mchanism action. ACTOS dcass insulin sistanc in th piphy and in th liv sulting in incasd insulin-dpndnt glucos disposal and dcasd hpatic glucos output. Pioglitazon is not an insulin sctagogu. Pioglitazon is an agonist poxisom poliato-activatd cpto-gamma (PPA?). PPA cptos a ound in tissus impotant insulin action such as adipos tissu, skltal muscl, and liv. Activation PPA? nucla cptos modulats th tansciption a numb insulin sponsiv gns involvd in th contol glucos and lipid mtabolism.

ACTOS tablts a a thiazolidindion and an agonist poxisom poliato-activatd cpt(PPA) gamma that contains an oal antidiabtic mdication: pioglitazon.

In contolld clinical tials, dma was potd mquntly in patints tatd with ACTOS than in placbo-tatd patints and is dos-latd [s ADVS ACTIONS ]. In postmakting xpinc, pots nw onst wosning dma hav bn civd.

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