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Tak this mdication xactly as it was pscibd you. Dnot tak th mdication in lag amounts, tak it long than commndd by you docto. ollow th dictions on you psciption labl.

Sulasalazin may caus ducd absoption olic acid and digoxin (Lanoxin). ducd olic acid absoption may caus olic acid dicincy and sult in anmia. ducd digoxin absoption may duc th ctivnss digoxin. Sulapyidin (a bypoduct sulasalazin) is a sulonamid, and sulonamids incas blood lvls mthotxat (humatx, Txall), sulting in incasd mthotxat toxicity. Convsly, mthotxat can incas th occunc th anmia causd by sulonamids bcaus mthotxat alscauss olic acid dicincy. Sulonamids can incas th isk kidny damag om cyclospoin by an unknown mchanism. Thy alsmay incas th blood glucos lowing ct oal anti-diabtic dugs and potntially caus xcssiv ductions in blood suga (hypoglycmia) by dcasing limination anti-diabtic dugs by th liv and lvating th lvls th anti-diabtic dugs in th blood.

I you a tating athitis , dnot stop using any you oth athitis mdicins until you docttlls you to. You symptoms may not impov ight away whn you stat taking Azulidin, and you may still nd you oth mdicins awhil.

Sulasalazin shouldn’t b usd in childn young than 2 yas old. Saty and ctivnss havn’t bn conimd in this ag goup.

Ollow all dictions on you psciption labl. Dnot tak Azulidin in lag small amounts long than commndd.

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