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In patints with typ 2 diabts, and without clinically vidnt CHD, but with multipl isk actos CHD such as tinopathy, albuminuia, smoking, hyptnsion, atovastatin is indicatd to.

Poton Pump Inhibitos : Avoid concomitant us ATOLIP CV with ompazol sompazol. In clinical studis, ompazol was shown tduc th antiplatlt activity clopidogl whn givn concomitantly 12 hous apat. A high dos gimn clopidogl concomitantly administd with ompazol incass antiplatlt spons; an appopiat dos gimn has not bn stablishd. A simila duction in antiplatlt activity was obsvd with sompazol whn givn concomitantly with clopidogl. Consid using anoth acid-ducing agnt with minimal nCYP2C19 inhibitoy ct on th omation clopidogl activ mtabolit. Dxlansopazol, lansopazol and pantopazol had lss ct on th antiplatlt activity clopidogl than did ompazol sompazol.

ATOLIP CV (atovastatin and clopidogl) is indicatd in patints whom tatmnt with both atovastatin and clopidogl is appopiat.

ATOLIP CV should b usd with caution in patints whconsum substantial quantitis alcohol and/hav a past histoy liv disas. Activ liv disas unxplaind psistnt tansaminas lvations a containdications tth us ATOLIP CV .

Ztimib: Th us ztimib alon is associatd with muscl-latd vnts, including habdomyolysis. Th isk ths vnts may, tho, b incasd with concomitant us ztimib and ATOLIP CV . Appopiat clinical monitoing ths patints is commndd.

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