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Early menstruationbeginning to have menstrual periods at age 11 or younger increases the number of years the breast tissue is exposed to estrogenStarting menopause at a later agethe more years a woman menstruatesthe longer her breast tissue is exposed to estrogenOlder age at first birth or never having given birthbecause estrogen levels are lower during pregnancybreast tissue is exposed to more estrogen in women who become pregnant for the first time after age 35 or who never become pregnant.

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Osteoporosis in women can be treated using Hormone Replacement TherapyHRTThe therapy makes use of either a combination of progestin and oestrogen or simplyoestrogenHoweverit is possible that certain combinations have side-effects that might give rise to other medical conditionsThereforeproper consultation with an orthopedist is an essential pre-requisite so that the condition of osteoporosis as well the side effects may be addressed before proceeding with Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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