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I was 7 when the dr put me on singulair because I had such terrible asthmaallergiesallergic to smokeBy the time I was 9I was diagnosed clinically depressedI was having night terrors every few nightsOne time I recall sitting straight up in bedI had woken myself up because I was cryingscreaming for my dadIt wasn’t until a few years later that they realized singulair had been the cause of this stuff and taken me off of itSad to saybut now as an adult I have terrible anxietydepression disordersI would advise any parent to please think about your child’s mental healthJust please think of your child’s futureI’m not saying it’s the full cause of my mental illnessbut I feel robbed of so many good funinnocent years because of what it startedMedication isn’t something to use as an experiment on your childIf the side effects outweigh the solution.

Take the completed application to your physician/prescriberBoth the physician/prescriber and the patient MUST sign the application.

You do not have insurance or other coverage for your prescription medicineSome examples of other insurance coverage include private insuranceHMOsMedicaidMedicarestate pharmacy assistance programsveterans assistanceor any other social service agency support.

It seems that everyone who reviews this medication either loves it or hates itI’m somewhere in betweenI haven’t had any side effects from itbut I can’t say I’ve benefited from it eitherI’ve decided that in my case it is a waster of moneyand I’m going to stop taking it.

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