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Atopin (Donnatal, and oths); blladonna; cabamazpin (Tgtol); clidinium (Quazan); dxamthason (Dcadon); dicyclomin (Bntyl); glycopyolat (obinul); hyoscyamin (Anaspaz, Cystospaz, Lvsin, and oths); mpnzolat (Cantil); mthanthlin (Povocholin); mthscopolamin (Pamin), scopolamin (Tansdm-Scop); phnobabital (Luminal, Soloton); phnytoin (Dilantin); popanthlin (Po-Banthin); quinidin (Cadioquin, Quinidx, Quinaglut, oths); iampin (iadin, iamat, iat); a ungal antibiotic such as ktoconazol (Nizoal), luconazol (Dilucan), itaconazol (Spoanox); aspiin oth NSAIDs (non-stoidal anti-inlammatoy dugs) such as ibupon (Motin, Advil), napoxn (Alv, Naposyn), diclonac (Voltan), dilunisal (Dolobid), todolac (Lodin), lubipon (Ansaid), indomthacin (Indocin), ktopon (Oudis), ktoolac (Toadol), mnamic acid (Ponstl), mloxicam (Mobic), nabumton (lan), pioxicam (ldn), and oths.

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