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In bipolar disorderafter remission from an acute episode of mania or depressiona person is at an especially high risk of relapse for about six monthsThuscontinuation and maintenance ofongoingtherapy is often recommended as treatment for bipolar disorder.

Instruct women to notify their physician if they plan to start or stop use of oral contraceptives or other female hormonal preparationsStarting estrogen-containing oral contraceptives may significantly decrease lamotrigine plasma levels and stopping estrogen-containing oral contraceptivesincluding the pill-free weekmay significantly increase lamotrigine plasma levelssee WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONSCLINICAL PHARMACOLOGYAlso instruct women to promptly notify their physician if they experience adverse reactions or changes in menstrual patterne.gbreak-through bleedingwhile receiving LAMICTAL in combination with these medications.

Birth control pills can make lamotrigine less effectiveresulting in increased seizuresTell your doctor if you start or stop using birth control pills while you are taking LamictalYour lamotrigine dose may need to be changed.

The net effects of drug interactions with lamotrigine are summarized in Tables 13 and 15followed by details of the drug interaction studies below.

Fever and rash enlarged spleen cytopenias elevated levels of triglycerides or low blood levels of fibrinogen high levels of blood ferritin hemophagocytosis identified through bone marrowspleenor lymph node biopsy decreased or absent Natural KillerNKCell activity elevated blood levels of CD25 showing prolonged immune cell activation.

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lamictal experienced no more seizures while treating epilepsy.

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