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OABcharacterized by symptoms of urgencyfrequencyand incontinence with no obvious causeoccurs mainly in older women.1 Behavioral modificationincluding fluid schedulestimed voidingpelvic exercisesand urge suppressionis usually tried first.

CNS depression potentiated by alcoholother CNS depressantsAdditive effects with other anticholinergicsMay affect GI absorption of other drugsCaution with drugs that cause or exacerbate esophagitisegbisphosphonates

These worked fairly well for me but left gluey makes where the patches were attached that were hard to remove without causing irritation to the removal areasthat is why I have 4 starsThey are very difficult to find so I have moved to the pill form.

Bladder outflow or GI obstructionHepatic or renal impairmentUlcerative colitisIntestinal atonyHiatus hernia/GERDDiscontinue if skin hypersensitivity or angioedema developsconsider discontinuing if anticholinergic CNS effects occurAvoid in myasthenia gravisdiscontinue if symptoms occurExposure to high environmental temperaturePregnancyNursing mothers.

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