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Inform patientsthat atrovent comp ipratropium bromide can produce paradoxical bronchospasm thatcan be life-threatening.

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Ipatopium bomid is th activ ingdint in Atovnt HA. It is dlivd in a canist that is placd inta mtd-dos inhal. Th usual dosag COPD patints is 2 inhalations p dos, ou tims a day.

Pclinical and clinical vidnc suggst ndltious ct ipatopium bomid on aiway mucous sction, mucociliay claanc gas xchang.

Studis ipatopium in animals hav not dmonstatd ngativ cts on th tus. Th hav bn nstudis in humans.

ATOVNT HA can caus th naowing th aiways tgt wos (paadoxical bonchospasm) which may b li thatning. I this happns, stop taking ATOVNT HA at onc and call you doctgt mgncy hlp.

Allgic actions may occu, including itching, swlling th ac, lips, tongu, thoat (involving diiculty in bathing swallowing), ash, hivs, bonchospasm (aiway naowing), anaphylaxis. Som ths may b sious. I you xpinc any ths symptoms, stop taking ATOVNT HA at onc and call you doctgt mgncy hlp.

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