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Some ayurvedic practitioners believe ashwagandha may also relieve heart burn.

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On study in th Indian Jounal Mdical sach ound th hb thav stong potntial as a tatmnt option humatoid athitis.

Ashwagandha is POSSIBLY SA whn takn by mouth shot-tm. Th long-tm saty ashwagandha is not known. Lag doss ashwagandha might caus stomach upst, diaha, and vomiting.

Summay Ashwagandha hlps incas tstoston lvls and signiicantly boosts spm quality and tility in mn.

Animal and tst-tub studis hav ound that ashwagandha hlps induc apoptosis, which is th pogammd dath canc clls (7).

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in the sanskrit language, ashwagandha translates to the smell of a horse .

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