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Information about Rogaine.

Read and follow all directions on the product package before using this productIf you are uncertain about any of the informationconsult your doctor or pharmacist.

The following side effects have been reported by at least 1of people using this medicationMany of these side effects can be managedand some may go away on their own over time.

When applied to the scalpit often stimulates hair growthThe exact way it works is not knownbut it is thought to improve the blood flow around the hair follicle and stimulate the hair follicle to grow hair.

It is important that the foam stay in contact with the scalp for at least 4 hours after applicationDuring this timeavoid activities such as swimmingshoweringor physical activity that may cause excessive perspirationYou may use hair spraysmoussesgels and other styling aidshoweveryou should apply the minoxidil foam first and allow it to dry before applying any other hair productsIf you are planning on being in the sunwear a hat or other head coveringDo not use sunscreen on the scalp.

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if possible, apply rogaine to a dry scalp after swimming, or wait about 4 hours after application before going swimming.

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