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Overuse of the muscles and includes strains or sprains of soft tissues such as musclesligaments and vertebral compression fracturesPressure on the roots of nerves due to conditions such as spinal canal stenosisnarrowing down of the spaces within the spineor herniated disca condition of the rubbery disc present between the spine bonesvertebraeOsteoarthritis is a condition wherein the shock absorbersfound in the jointsprogressively break down.

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Treatment options availableExercises along with correction of bad posture for relieving back pain are a common component of any treatment planFactors such as type and severity of the pain as well as the patient?s history can help in determining the type of treatment that can be administeredIn most casesthe recovery time is usually six weeks without surgeryTypical treatment of back pain includes use of muscle relaxantspainkillers and physiotherapySurgery is suggested in severe casesSome other treatments are discussed below:

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