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Possible food and when you mull over, as since anafranil is a wagon of manufacturer, wound care and oolong products.

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Th ollowing sid cts hav bn potd by at last 1% popl taking this mdication. Many ths sid cts can b managd, and som may gaway on thi own ov tim.

Whn discontinuing th mdication, th dosag should b ducd gadually tpvnt withdawal cts.

Dnot stat taking Anaanil i you a alady taking anoth mdicin calld a monoamin-oxidas inhibit(MAOI) you hav bn taking it within th past 2 wks.

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at a dose of anafranil sr hydrochloride capsules 200 mg, subjects who had a single blood sample taken approximately 9 to 22 hours, median 16 hours , after the dose had plasma concentrations of up to 605 ng ml for clomipramine, 781 ng ml for desmethylclomipramine, and 1386 ng ml for both.

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