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It has a combination of herbs that are indigenous to IndiaThese herbs work together to halt bleedingIt has Chandrakalaa potent stypticStyptics are agents that help blood cells bind together and clotStyplon can also imrove the permeability of the capillaries using Amlaa substance rich with ascorbic acidIt has Maha Neem which has long been respected for its antiseptic abilitiesAs for blood clottingit has Somalata which will accelerate the completion of the blood clotLastlyits Daru Haldi content has active properties that help contract smooth muscles and facilitate a smoother recovery for the patient.

Your doctor will prescribe a specific dosage that is suited for your conditionHoweverpatients usually take Styplon three times a day for two to four days until bleeding is significantly decreasedAfter thatthe dosage can be lowered to twice a day for about two weeksFor added benefitthe patient can also consider taking Styplon before two to three days before the operation.

With its powerful abilitiesStyplon has been a favorite among dentists and oral surgeons who want to minimize bleeding after procedures like tooth extractionSo if you want to avoid having blood all over your mouth while you wait for your gums to healusing Styplon would be an effective measure.

Please consult your physician to prescribe the dosage that best suits your condition.

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