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Postmarketing reportsAllergic vasculitisangioedemaexacerbation of sunburnphotosensitivityurticariaburns scarssevere rednesspainskin discolorationblistering and cracked skin with the iontophoretic transdermal systemRef]

Frequency not reportedAbdominal distentioncolitisconstipationdental paindisorder of mouth and tonguee.gburning of tonguenumbness of tonguedry mouthdyspeptic symptomsfeelings of gastrointestinal pressuregastritisgastroenteritisgastrointestinal bleedinggastrointestinal painhematemesishypersalivationhyposalivationintestinal obstructionischemic colitismelenaoral itching and irritationpancreatitissalivary gland swellingswallowing disordersRef]

Table 1Adverse Reactions Reported by at Least 2of Patients Treated with Imitrex Tablets and at a Greater Frequency than Placebo.

Ergotaminesother 5-HT 1 agonistsMAOIssee ContraindicationsSerotonin syndrome with SSRIsegcitalopramescitalopramfluoxetinefluvoxamineparoxetinesertralineor SNRIsegduloxetinevenlafaxine

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