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Further assurance is provided by having three health care professionals review every prescription at different stages throughout the processing of each order of zyvox.

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Low blood cell countsfeverchillstirednessweaknessconfusionmouth soresskin soreseasy bruisingunusual bleedingpale skincold hands and feetfeeling light-headed or short of breath.

Get medical help right away if you have any very serious side effectsincludingmuscle stiffnessincreased sweatingvision changessuch as blurred visionchange in color visionloss of visionmental/mood changessuch as agitationconfusionseizure.

FDA pregnancy category CIt is not known whether linezolid is harmful to an unborn babyTell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant during treatment.

Do not use linezolid if you have used an MAO inhibitor such as furazolidoneFuroxoneisocarboxazidMarplanphenelzineNardilrasagilineAzilectselegilineEldeprylEmsamZelaparor tranylcypromineParnatein the last 14 daysA dangerous drug interaction could occurleading to serious side effects.

Rememberkeep this and all other medicines out of the reach of childrennever share your medicines with othersand use this medication only for the indication prescribed.

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its generic name is linezolid and it has been marketed as zyvoxam and zyvoxid as well.

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