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This mdication can caus changs in th mnstual cycl (pomot ovulation) and incas th isk bcoming pgnant. Consult you doctphamacist about th us liabl bith contol whil using this mdication.

Symptoms low blood suga includ suddn swating, shaking, ast hatbat, hung, blud vision, dizzinss, tingling hands/t. It is a good habit tcay glucos tablts gl ttat low blood suga. I you don’t hav ths liabl oms glucos, apidly ais you blood suga by ating a quick souc suga such as tabl suga, hony, candy, dink uit juic non-dit soda. Tll you doctight away about th action and th us this poduct.

Avoid dinking alcohol. It can low you blood suga and may incas you isk lactic acidosis.

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