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Liver failure and death has been reported in cancer patients receiving concurrent medicationsincluding potentially hepatotoxic cytotoxic chemotherapy and antibioticsThe etiology of the liver failure is unclear.

While doxylamine/pyridoxine is the only FDA-approved medication for morning sicknessdoctors continue to write off-label prescriptions for other medicationsFirst-line alternatives include antihistamines diphenhydramine and meclizinewhich were deemed Pregnancy Risk Category Blike Zofran.

You should not use this medication if you are allergic to ondansetron or to similar medicines such as dolasetronAnzemetgranisetronKytrilor palonosetronAloxiDo not take ondansetron if you are also using apomorphineApokyn

Zofran is linked to possible side effectssome of which are seriousincluding serotonin syndrome and QT interval prolongation.

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